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We are growing - over 80 Registered Businesses Since January 2017

The Hemp Trades Association UK Limited t/as The Cannabis Trades Association UK (CTA UK) is the only UK centric trade association for the UK, working with all sectors of the hemp and cannabis industry to promote good practice, provide practical advice and ensure consumers of legal cannabis and hemp products have access to top quality information.

After meetings with the MHRA in November 2016, we were told unequivocally that…

“if the industry does not work together to ensure standards and advice is consistent and above all legal, there will not be an industry.”

The CTA UK is working in the industry to ensure that common sense prevails and sellers provide products that “say what they are and are what they say”, no more crazy percentage based measurements that take a maths degree to work out, clear concise and above all legal labelling, and lab reports.  Help us to help you and have a voice in your industry by becoming a member of the CTA UK.

Many people ask what role we fulfil and how we work with the authorities to ensure voluntary compliance.

  • In the first instance when we receive a report or see a breach of the regulations concerning the sale of CBD products, we will research the product, see where else it is sold, how it is presented and how it is marketed.
  • We will then contact the company concerned highlighting where our concerns lie.  We will also highlight the relevant laws they need to consider and take into account. We will offer to help them achieve compliance.
  • Many companies will respond to us at this point and will withdraw or change their products.  If they do not, we will try to contact them further.
  • Only if the companies do not contact us at all and continue to sell their non-compliant products, we will consider contacting the relevant regulatory bodies.

Some quotes on this approach from our members and sellers…

  • Kali Gallardo – “I know it’s difficult to be independent in our field, so it’s very refreshing to check first hand the way the CTA work. I think we share the same vision on how Cannabis industry should be. It’s been a real pleasure”. International Cannabis author and industry expert, CBD Network Spain.

  • John Murray – “When we were offered the opportunity to join the UK’s Cannabis Trades Association at the end of 2016, we did so because it felt like the right thing to do. They gave us hope during tough times, that the dream business we had spent so long building, would continue to thrive after the uncertainty caused by the original MHRA announcement in autumn 2016. The valuable information provided by Mike allowed us to push forward with our new factory build and gave us the confidence needed in order to take such a financial risk, which is now paying off. The team at Synergy Extracts do things by the book and on the right side of the law, and as long as that’s the case you are left alone by the CTA to do your thing. As a thriving, UK based, legal cannabis extract specialist, we can’t ask for more than that.” Synergy of Nature

  • Andy Brine – “The Cannabis Trades Association helped me better understand the legalities of selling Hemp and CBD Oils in the UK. Prior to working with them, I was not sure aware of the strict guidelines of selling these products. Mike at the Cannabis Trades Association helped me setup my business to ensure I was keeping within the legal boundaries of selling these amazing products. They keep me up to date with any changes in legislation to ensure I am keeping in line with the many changes in the cannabis industry. Highly Recommended for anyone Selling Hemp or CDB Oils in the UK.” Optimal Hemp

  • Tom Whettem – “The CTA for us is the backbone of the industry, without it we would not be where we are today. Never before have we seen an emerging industry unite in this way, sharing the same vision, morals and sheer determination to make sure CBD is available to all that need it. It’s not just a pleasure being part of this community, but a privilege.” Canabidol

  • Nick Tofalos – “The CTA have provided us with fast and efficient support and advice. Their adherence to a set of rigorous standards means I am content that we and they are both protecting the public and ensuring they are provided with the highest quality legal cannabis products.” CBD One


We have just started-

from just 7 Founder Members and have now grown to over 53 Full Members, several Associate Members and numerous Sellers.  Our Members and Sellers contribute around £20m a year to the UK economy, employing in excess of 50 members of staff and growing on a monthly basis.

Our Aim -

is to be the “go to” resource for the public as well as the UK governmental and enforcement agencies, ensuring our members supply safe, legal and above all quality products from the UK, Europe and beyond.  We currently administer the only UK sellers list which ensures that products are of known quality and safety. 

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We aim to ensure the legal Cannabis industry in the UK is accountable and sustainable.
Rest assured we take our responsibility very seriously. But we need your help to highlight areas and companies that may not be operating with the Ethics we require of our members.

Help us ensure we have an ethical industry

CTA UK is committed to :-


CTA UK is committed to changing Cannabis perception from “weed” to a raw material that can help transform the UK economy. Cannabis has many uses that are only just starting to be developed.


CTA UK wants to inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs & researchers to look at cannabis in a new light. The more we understand Cannabis the more uses we find.


The potential of Cannabis is one of the most misunderstood secrets of the modern world. We should learn from the the past where cannabis was a stalwart of economies around the globe


CTA UK works with members and Government to create Standards and a Certification & Registration system to ensure all cannabis industries are legitimate and producing the highest quality products

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