Cannabis Trade Association UK

We are a new Association formed to work with Government to create a legal and sustainable UK Cannabis industry.

Cannabis Trades Association - find your voiceCTAUK is THE trade association for the legal UK Cannabis Industry.
We are working with Government & industry to create best practice policies and standards that will ensure the well being Cannabis market continues to grow.
We are at the heart of the UK legal Cannabis industry.
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Aims and objectives of CTA UK

CTA UK was formed by a number of companies operating in the Cannabis development sector. Together they agreed the following :-

  • to represent all aspects of the legal and emerging Cannabis industries
  • to work with members to develop codes of best practice

Our objectives

  • is to push the legal envelope to develop a fully regulated market
  • to encourage industrial development
  • to work with researchers to create new opportunities
  • to be the point of contact for Goverment departments
  • To help bring scientific research to the market

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Membership Benefits

CTA UK is the legal Cannabis industry voice.

Welcome to the Cannabis Trades Association UK, legally titled The Hemp Trades Association UK Limited – A trade body for the legal UK Hemp and Cannabis trades and associated industries.

Membership is now open, we are a non-profit company limited by guarantee for the benefit of our members and will offer a number of levels of membership based upon your interest and involvement within the industry.

The intention of the Association is to inform and provide its members with the correct legal and procedural advice and to become the contact of choice for Government Agencies to relay information to members.

We offer our Members
  • Legal advice
  • Consultancy advice
  • Best practice advice
  • Legal advice
  • Economic development

Our Members provide us with
  • Statistics
  • Policy feedback
  • Best Practice feedback
  • Development feedback
  • Market growth

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It pays to be a member of CTA UK the stronger We are the more influence YOU have

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We fully appreciate not everyone wants to be a "fully fledged" member of the Association, but you can get the benefits of having us on your side from just £240 a's good to have someone watching your back sometimes...

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CTA UK is commited to :-


CTAUK is committed to changing Cannabis perception from “weed” to a raw material that can help transform the UK economy. Cannabis has many uses that are only just starting to be developed.


CTAUK wants to inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs & researchers to look at cannabis in a new light. The more we understand Cannabis the more uses we find.


The potential of Cannabis is one of the most misunderstood secrets of the modern world. We should learn from the the past where cannabis was a stalwart of economies around the globe


CTAUK works with members and Government to create Standards and a Certification & Registration system to ensure all cannabis industries are legitimate and producing the highest quality products