MHRA – the UK Government Agency for licensing Medicine’s

The MHRA announced in october 2016 CBD (cannabidiol) was to be classified as a medicine

The CTA UK Response

The CTAUK meet with the MHRA on 3rd November 2016, six delegates from the CTAUK were present at the agency’s headquarters in Victoria.
The MHRA team was led by Gerald Heddell, Director of Inspection, Enforcement and Standards. Also present were regulatory advisors David Olszowska and Chris Groutides; Dr Chris Jones, Manager of the Medicines Borderline Section; Greg Markey, Senior Medical Assessor and Malcolm Evans, Head of Patient, Public and Stakeholder Engagement.  Mr Heddell opened the meeting by thanking us for bringing to the agency’s attention just how many people are using CBD, some for quite serious medical conditions.

The meeting lead to an understanding by the MHRA that the Cannabis Trades Association was a professional body trying to unite a fledgling industry behind a set of common standards and industry practices. The MHRA is considering its position on declaring CBD to be a medicine.
The CTA UK is working with the MHRA to ensure a fair standard is produced that allows for the sale of CBD in the wellbeing food supplement market up to an agreed daily dosage and a medicine above the dosage level.

The CTAUK have obtained legal advice including counsel’s opinion which we shared with the MHRA.

The aim was to convince the MHRA that we could establish a set of rules, guidelines and standards that would enable the industry to comply with its requirements.
The CBD market in the UK is presently worth several million pounds a year.  The CTAUK main purpose is to work with Industry and government to ensure this market continues to grow, providing safe, effective and tested products for consumers and job security for its workers in the industry.

The CTAUK is working with all companies in the industry to advocate the case for a fully regulated market while talking to the UK government to develop aa more liberal regulatory framework.
The CTAUK is a responsible, caring and professional organisation working to foster the development of a legal, ethical and regulated Cannabis industry.