Setting the record straight

The media coverage of Oxford Universities new research effort to understand the complex Cannabis plant has at times seemed uninformed. The CTA UK considers that this new research project is just the first in a fantastic opportunity for the UK to catch up with the rest of the world.

The Cannabis Trades Association was formed when a number of ethical companies producing and supplying Cannabidiol (CBD, a cannabinoid from cannabis) based products responded to the MHRA statement of intent to classify CBD as a medicine.
The Association has had a number of discussions since and is in the process of clarifying the status of wellbeing and medicinal CBD dosage with the MHRA. The CTA UK is a new and professional organisation advocating a new post Brexit approach to Cannabis based on the current world leading research. The Association believes that a focused approach based on three important strands of understanding will lead to a more nuanced and rational approach to cannabis and cannabinoids in the UK.

Science and Factual analysis.

There are a great many research projects taking place all over the world we are in the process of understanding and correlating this information. We aim to work with other stake holders developing a reasoned and well informed road map for Cannabis research and development in the UK.
The UK government currently recognises 97 compounds in Cannabis, more advanced research countries put the number far higher. The UK government controls 12 of these due to their psychoactive nature. (See attached pdf)
The CTA UK is working with government and industry to ensure a legal and regulated Cannabis industry grows from these small beginnings. The rest of the world is waking up to the beneficial potential of “Cannabis 2.0” and the UK needs to catch up.

Experiential Evidence gathering

The advent of big data now allows us to gather the stories of real people in real situations. Groups such as CBD Users UK on Facebook report evidence of real wellbeing benefits through the use of legal Cannabinoids. The CTA UK is working with such groups to explore the big data being produced and is talking with governing bodies and researchers to establish best practice and codes of conduct in this burgeoning industry.
The fact that many people are recounting their stories even with the threat of legal action shows the need to understand more and judge less.

Opportunity development

There are a large number of benefits in realising Cannabis offers real opportunity for enabling better societies. The development of hemp (a form of Cannabis) based economy offers so many societal benefits that we are only just starting to appreciate in terms of ecology and sustainable development to mention just two.
The potential for wellbeing and medicinal cannabinoids to produce a tangible change in the way we view our bodies and the world is just too much of an opportunity for the UK to miss out on. The key here is regulated development based on factual analysis and societal benefit. The Government and industry have to work together to enable a step change in the way we view cannabis.


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