Cannabis Trades has a mission

Cannabis Trades was formed by a number of founder members who had developing businesses supplying the growing demand for CBD & Hemp based products.

The MHRA statement of opinion in 2016 to classify CBD is a medicine threatened this legitimate trade.

The Association founders came together to create a body to eliminate bad practice in the market and to ensure that member businesses continue to trade legally and ethically in the Hemp and CBD market. We up until now have focused on the growing CBD market, but our reach includes hemp and hemp products which are after all legal definitions of the same plant. Cannabis.

Our members agree to uphold standards based around the ethos of fair and transparent trading conditions ensuring members of the public know who they are dealing with, displaying correct and proper business information, ensuring they trade legally with respect to insurances and registration and above all fairness. No member of the Association will make medical claims nor provide medical or medicinal advice. Lastly no member will slander or denigrate another members’ business.

They are a group of like minded and honest business men and women who believe that Hemp and Cannabis products have the power to revolutionise modern life. Above all else our work is to change perceptions based around decades of misinformation and prejudice.