Shape the Future of the Cannabis Trade in the UK.


  • Our Full Members are those in the industry who wholesale and sell to the members and their network of sellers. 
  • Typically Full Members are those members who wish to be involved with the day to day business of the Association with the ability to become a Board Member.  
  • Access the full range of membership benefits and discounts such as Insurance, Card Processing and Currency Services etc. for just £150 a month.
  • Be an active part of Europe’s largest trade organisation for the Hemp and Cannabis Industry and shape how we do business around the world.


Influence the direction of Cannabis trading in the UK


  • Show your corporate support of The Cannabis Trades Association UK by joining the only UK centric Trade Association.
  • Associate members are typically those that sell solely to the trade or support the industry in some other way.
  • Associate members have access to those members who wish to receive offers and services from Accredited and Vetted sellers.
  • Associates are approached first for Sponsorship Opportunities at our events and trade shows.


Have the protection of a recognised trade body


  • This is the level you should join at if you have your own label products, we help ensure compliance while giving you access to the best advice possible from our compliance and marketing team.
  • Pay just £30 a month and get access to  all the benefits of a full membership subject to a turnover limit of £10k a month (£120k a year).
  • New companies (less than 6 months old or pre-trading) can access this scheme for just £20 a month for the first 6 months of their membership.


Be legal and keep up to date with CTA UK Information

We have temporarily removed this option.

Typically Registered Sellers are those who sell Members Products.  

However due to changes happening in the industry we have decided to remove this option for the next few weeks until the new site becomes available.

Those Sellers that sell only Members Products should contact their suppliers for registration under this scheme.


Help develop the Cannabis space in the UK


  • Show your support for the work the CTA UK does.
  • Information on the development of Cannabis business
  • This is not for companies wishing to be listed.
  • Typically companies register their members of staff so they can keep up to date with changes in the CTA UK and policy. 

So How Does Membership Work & How Should We Apply?

It’s important you understand how Membership works.

We don’t just “give out” Memberships, you apply.  You must be prepared to be thoroughly vetted, your products checked and tested, you must be able to demonstrate that you, your business and your products are ethical, professional and presentable.

The Application process takes around 6-8 weeks and consists of Criminal Records Disclosure (DBS Check) a Financial Records Disclosure and Identification checks.  We also search the Insurance Databases and ensure there is nothing preventing you from running a business.  These are all legal requests and you must comply with all of these requirements.   This process is all about disclosure and providing you hide nothing from us, you have nothing to fear.  Your personal data is never disclosed in anyway and we are registered with the ICO and comply with GDPR fully.  If we require any further information, we’ll ask you for it.

So the first step is Application, choose the level you wish to be registered at and fill the forms out.  Once we are in receipt of the application we will email you a Membership Form and a Direct Debit Mandate.  YOUR APPLICATION WILL NOT PROCEED UNTIL THESE ARE COMPLETED.  Usually once we see the DD completed and if everything on the face of it is in order, we will request your first months payment.  All subsequent payments will be taken on the 2nd working day of the month.

We will then complete our checks and if we require it request any further information.  This process can take up to 8 weeks, but usually takes less.  We currently process DBS checks with an Enquiry Agent based on the information we take from a number of sources and based on the information you give us.  This process is shortly to change because of the requirements of GDPR.

During this time we will if required get you introduced to the Member Benefits and introduce you to the wider CTA Membership.  We will also pass you the relevant marketing and product standards you must adhere to.  These are non negotiable! 

Once your Membership is confirmed you can then enjoy the benefits of  your Membership.