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Licensing & The Forthcoming Regulation & What It Means To You.

Firstly, don’t panic!
There is not going to be a requirement to rush out and go get a licence to sell CBD products (even if it were that simple!). We think you are likely going to be required to register as a seller, something you can do quickly, easily and cheaply on the CannabisTrades website for the princely sum of £10 per annum. You don’t even have to become a member.
Secondly…why do you think you are going to require this licence?

If you think you are going to market a product that is going to make medical claims without being able to back up these claims, then think again…a Marketing Authority allows you to market your products as a medicine…that’s an authority for each condition you wish to claim about, which is a whole set of human trials performed by qualified staff in hospitals and universities…Sativex cost £103 million to get its initial authority…and 95% of medicines simply don’t make it through. At all.
Lastly, do you have a product that you believe is stronger than most of the others on the market? Well then there’s the final route of a THR or Traditional Herbal Registration, this last option allows you to make generalised claims about a group of related conditions without the expense of trials based on known and documented use over a number of years, you still have to ensure your product is safe and suitable, but overall you could get a product registered that way, it’s going to cost you around £10k all in…probably.
So the question is why do you need to bother?

For the majority of sellers they agree that they sell a food supplement, it may have a pharmacological effect, but it simply isn’t a defined enough effect to be used for any identifiable condition, therefore is a general remedy, something you take every day to ward off a cold etc. much like a vitamin…
So our advice is to take advice, the Cannabis Trades Association has a legal team that comprises of one of the largest legal firms that specialise in the food and drugs sector in the UK as well as representing the majority of the CBD industry, we grow every day and we work for the members to ensure that they get the very best, most up to date advice available…and we talk to the various government departments regularly. Can you get hold of them?

We hope this clears up any confusion and ask you to get in touch if there’s anything else you require.


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